Saturday, November 14, 2009


Starts off with getting her a Vanilla Diet Coke at Sonic..."My mouth is sooooo dry...."

Eating at our favorite place in Norman..."what's that thing I like again?"

Yeah, I hope I can eat quiche and Italian Cream cake at that age!

Checking out at Walmart after buying everything on the list and more!

You know it's not all fun, though. There's no pictures of the moving slowly from house to car to bank to restaurant to store. How many times I had to repeat what I said for her failing ears. Watching her eat for a half-hour after I'm finished. Hoping the wheelchair shopping cart is available. Telling her we really have to leave and we end up making just "one more stop" somewhere. Feeling guilty about forgetting something on the list. Passing by the nursery and hoping she doesn't notice and want to buy pansies for me to plant.
But then I am reminded of all of those who don't have Grandmas anymore, and Bible truths that remind me to give to those who cannot repay you (Luke 14:14). I didn't always enjoy being with my Grandma, and I believe you go through stages in that relationship just like others. Somewhere along the way we found that we enjoyed shopping and going out to eat together. Hopefully someone will take me out for Italian Cream Cake when I'm 93!


Janell said...

That's so sweet. You are lucky to have your grandma and she is lucky to have you. I never had grandmas that I was able to spend time with so I'm a little jealous!

Lori said...

You're making sweet memories for her and for you. I miss my grandmas so much and wish I could have that time with them now.

She's blessed to have you in her life and vice versa.

I'm especially impressed with her liking for Sonic, of course :). Oh, BTW, there's an Orange Tree in Lawton now. Don't know if it's open yet, but hopefully we can all go on the day after Thanksgiving!

Gena said...

You are so blessed to have her still. Both my Grandmas are gone. I really miss them. That picture at Wal-Mart is priceless. She's beautiful.

Elizabeth Mullins said...

Robin, I learn new lessons in life from you everyday! You inspire me to do better and to realize that we can find joy in the tasks that aren't always glamorous! Thank you!

The 5 Arbuckle's said...

Look at the example you are setting for your kids to take care of others. My mom is doing it for her mother-in-law. I'm not close enough to help.

I do take my kids to Tealridge as often as possible.

Unknown said...

Thank you Robin for all you are doing for my mother. You are so special to her - her first grandbaby! God has many blessings stored up for you - here and in heaven!
She fractured her pelvis 2 days ago and is in severe pain again. It's back to the hard part again.
I love you Robin and Jana for all you do for my mom.
Your loving Aunt Gayla