Wednesday, April 26, 2017


For many years now, I confessed to enjoy exercise much more than eating right.  In fact, my main reason for exercise was so I could eat the way I wanted, which meant dessert.  Dessert every day, multiple times a day!  They were always around and I was always making them - especially for hungry teens.

I've not been very aware of my body and how it feels when I eat certain things and am always amazed at people who talk about it.  But I have to say since April 4, I am paying attention and feeling better!

I had noticed the past few years that I could take off a few pounds, but after a few months it would always return.  I knew eating right was the piece of the puzzle I lacked.  My pants were getting tight again and I was increasingly uncomfortable in my nice fitted clothes.

So I jumped at a free offer from a friend who has really shown self-discipline through the years in her lifestyle.  She was starting a Facebook group and offering encouragement and a 7 Day Cleanse Eating Plan.  She also sells supplements to go along with it, and although I did not do that part of it due to medication I'm already on, I have loved the eating plan!  I have learned to be creative with vegetables and tried several new recipes.  I even made a nutty cookie type thing that curbs my cookie cravings!

I followed the 7 Day Cleanse Plan religiously, and lost 4 pounds!  Since then I have lost 4 more on the maintenance plan (which is basically the same with more food choices added).  I've have splurged occasionally - have had a few bites of real desserts three times in three weeks.  The Hubs and I also pigged out on Mexican food one Saturday after working extremely hard on an outside project for my MIL.  We needed that boost!  We just don't need that kind of boost every other day.  Everything in moderation; just hope I can keep the mindset!

So today was a special day - I'm thrilled and happy to be back in the 120's!  Better than numbers on the scale, I feel good when I go to bed.  No more full stomach! I'm not sure if it's the increase in vegetables or the reduction in sugar and flour and junk foods.  Probably a little of both.

Thankful to Rita and her plan and encouragement!
"You can do anything for 7 days!"


Michelle said...

I was just going to ask if you were using her products.....I need new motivation to get more weight mom is convinced once we move into our new house (yes we bought an amazing beautiful house)and are settled in Clinton I won't be so stressed...which will magically make my weight disappear....we shall see. I'm sure if I could get rid of these packages of mini m&ms laying around it would help.....

Wa Wa Waughs said...

I loved the 7 Day Cleanse! You get guacamole every day!