Monday, May 1, 2017


My niece Lauren graduated from college last week, and I was honored to be asked to host the party for the family!  My SIL did most of the work for it but when I found out she would be using a floral theme, I was excited to add some of my own goodies to it!  It was a beautiful day weather-wise, and a beautiful party, for a beautiful graduate!  

I've used these paper flowers for a lot of parties the last year, and I love them on my front door - I may just leave them up for a while.

My SIL made this pretty backdrop for the cake and gift table!

 The happy graduate!
 We ate a delicious Mexican meal with family outside on the patios.

My daughter took this from an upstairs window.  Everything's so green!

This old door has been used for a women's ministry decoration and now I have it sitting in the woods like the door to a secret garden.  :)  This is my niece (college grad) with her brother (who will graduate from high school in a month)!


Lori said...

Wow, that is a true garden party! Beautiful! Your niece is very blessed to have such a giving aunt :)

Unknown said...

It was wonderful and beautiful, and I can't thank you enough for hosting her shindig!! I truly appreciate both of you!

zerry ht said...

Wow!! This garden graduation party is really awesome. Loved these arrangements. I also arranged my niece’s graduation party at one of event venue and took amazing ideas from internet which turned out to be very useful and helped in making day best.