Monday, April 17, 2017


This past weekend we joined my husband's family (most of them) for a weekend in the small town.  We had decided with our kids that Easter would be next weekend.  I love it when we go down there, you never know what you'll get to do!

 We worked outside on my MIL's shed and I heard the train approaching.  Trains don't come by very often, so I was excited to see this one up close and personal!  I love this picture with the grain elevator and the old barns in the background.

 Even got a wave from the conductor!

We went out to a house and land that my SIL is going to own soon and looked around.  She showed us the owl babies that are nesting in their front yard.  They were so cute and white and fluffy!  Momma owl was hooting at us from a nearby tree.  

Sunday after church we went to my BIL's house for an Easter dinner.  His wife made us feel welcome with her cutely decorated tables!  I used to do this, especially when the kids were younger.  Even though I am personally trying to go more minimal with decorating, I loved it looking so festive.  Note to self:  to make guests feel special, set a festive table!

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Lori said...

That train pic is so pretty! I wondered where the owlets were, but forgot to ask! Thank you. I actually am trying to simplify some, but I do like to decorate the tables for guests. I've told my ladies' class about having stashes of "themed" party ware and trying to resist purchasing it so often, but then again, at this stage in my life I do use a lot. I just have lots of pizza and donut plates and napkins just waiting for a party! Ha ha! Thanks for coming this weekend. It was nice seeing you all.