Tuesday, January 10, 2017


We've had some issues with clogged toilets and backup into our bathtub the last few months.  The Hubs worked on it some and was finally tired of it  - so we called Roto-Rooter.  They couldn't find any problems but told us we needed to put in a sewer cleanout  in the yard...

So we had thought we had just had some minor clog that had been resolved, but the week of Christmas it all started again.  I joined Angie's List and found a reputable plumber who turned out to be great. Their business name - Plumb Crazy!  They were great - punctual and hardworking!  Four or five trips to the house later, it was discovered via camera that an addition onto our house (before we owned it) had been placed over the sewer cleanout, which is a big no-no.  I think the addition was in the 1990s so apparently it was fine for a long time, but no more!

We ended up with this in our master bathroom:

This is another break in the line in the yard that was discovered

BUT the best news in this whole mess is that I was able to get a new bathroom floor!  We had actually given this bathroom a facelift in 2015 by painting the woodwork, the walls, and the ceiling, and also getting a frameless shower door.  The only thing we did not do was put in a new floor or light fixtures.  So I was thrilled to get a new floor!  

Isn't she lovely?

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Lori said...

What a mess and ordeal, but yes! It looks great!