Tuesday, January 17, 2017


This is the year it is going to happen!  No big projects that I know of happening in my life or ministry and so I am declaring that nothing will stop me this year!  I've already gotten a good start in the laundry room and upstairs linen closet so you get to see my handiwork!  I've made two trips so far to donate.  Win-win!  Every time we get bad weather it's good for me because it makes me stay home for extended periods of time to get these jobs done.

One way I am staying motivated is to watch a youtube video on decluttering (there are many) right before I get to work.  Do you have any tricks to get psyched up for chores you need to do?

 All cleaned up

Before and After

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Lori said...

When you get done, come help me! Ha ha!