Sunday, July 3, 2016


Our youngest just turned 21 years old!  The passage of time just is so crazy!   When each of our children turned 1, we asked relatives to write a message or give a little memento about that year to be put away in a time capsule and opened on that child's 21st birthday.

What's funny about the scrapbook is that I wrote on his first birthday that I made him a "wheel" cake because he loved anything with wheels on it.  It is still true today!  He's already owned more cars and  has worked on more than your average 21 year old.

So we got to see all the little treasures in our son's time capsule:

 1995 Family Christmas newsletter from Grandmother Sharon

An antique toy and a copy of a car magazine with notes in it from his Poppi
Cuff links from his Great Grandpa Foster
Sermon book with a handwritten note from Great Grandparents Albert and Amy Trent
Copy of a newspaper the week of his first birthday which happens to feature a picture of us!  (The article was about home-made baby food)
 Party goods from his first birthday party

From Poppi
From Great Grandpa Foster

 Tupperware from his aunt and picture key chain
Collector's stamps and a button from Six Flags
Pictures with special notes written on the back from his Great Aunt and cousin

An uncirculated dime

 A sweet letter and pic from Aunt Lori

Special card and letters from the parents
Notes and a crown from his then 6 year old sister and 4 year old brother

 Uncle Ken's promo materials

We had so much fun looking through the goodies and talking about days gone by!  


Amy said...

I am so impressed! That is about the coolest thing i have ever seen. Way to think ahead to how much fun that time capsule would be to open here way down the road. Love it!!

Lori said...

It was really amazing how many little things pointed to his life now! Something in Dan's letter about being successful, like it was just known he would be the business man he is! It was so much fun!