Thursday, July 14, 2016


Sunday a young man prayed before we took the Lord's Supper.  In his prayer he thanked God that Jesus' blood was "thick enough to cover us."  I thought about that particular wording for a long time.  It didn't roll off like water, or leave any gaping spaces, it was thick enough to cover us - all of us!  As thoughts often do, I went to a remodeling project we were involved with recently.  We used KILZ, a product used to prep walls before painting.  It covers over the existing paint, mold, odors, and many other things. It gets the wall ready for new life!  Jesus' blood KILZ all our sin.  No more old you or stinky sin remains!

As I chuckled to myself over where my brain had gone with the THICK BLOOD and KILZ, I was thankful once again for the salvation we are provided through Christ!

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