Monday, July 11, 2016


My one and only sister turned 50 recently.  She is one inspiring woman!  She has worked diligently as a teacher and now an administrator in the school system for her whole adult life.  But probably her toughest challenge came almost two years ago when she and her husband John were in a car accident and he lost his life instantly.  Her world was turned upside down due to an inattentive driver.  Despite her own health struggles and the loss of John she "keeps on keeping on!"  Her faith is strong and she believes in making the best of whatever situation you are given.  She also knows how to laugh and delights in old-fashioned tin toys and kittens.  She is a keeper of the home and her two girls have an excellent role model of faith and positive thinking.  Even though we have different interests and "jobs," we are close and can be brutally honest with each other and listen to each other through our ups and downs.  So thankful for my little sis!

I threw a party for her - a surprise party with family and friends and co-workers.  We had such a great time honoring her!

We went to a local restaurant called Hidalgo's, and used a back room they have.  They were so helpful and let me decorate a little bit.  The signs were red paper plates that I wrote messages on with a chalk marker.  I glued two of them together with a dowel rod in between, then we stood them up and with a little scotch tape they stood up by the menu holder.  I decided to make name place holders so that everyone would know at least one person they were sitting by, and that worked out well.  I also got some fancy cookies from a local bakery with red polka dot napkins and put those out at each place setting instead of messing with a cake.  It was a great option and looked really cute!


Lori said...

This was so awesome and well-deserved!!

Amy Arbuckle said...

It was a fun night!