Sunday, February 21, 2016


What a beautiful weekend for a little getaway with our kids!  We have a Mystery Night with the kids around Christmas usually, but this year everyone's schedules were too crazy.  So we just planned out a few weeks and I had my fingers crossed for good weather.  Our son's girlfriend got to come, but our daughter's hubby could not.  You do what you can!

Usually we do a night out on the town, but when a Groupon came along for a night at a state park lodge, I thought we should try it.  So we spent the night at Roman Nose State Park, near Watonga, OK.  The lodge has been rebuilt after a fire and is so nice!  I highly recommend it!

We ate dinner on the way, in Okarche at a place well known for it's fried chicken.  Eischen's is also the oldest bar in Oklahoma.  After we got to Roman Nose, we played cards in the lobby restaurant until bedtime.  
 Photobomb by Chief Roman Nose!
 In the morning we hiked a trail in the park and just had fun walking and talking.
 We kept looking for Inspiration Point, but we were never sure if we found it...

 We did find some good breakfast in Watonga afterwards!

Then as we got closer to home we stopped by this coffee shop that my big kids love!  It's in Guthrie and called Hoboken.  If you're ever passing through on I-35, you need to take a pit stop here.  They roast their own beans and the coffee-loving kids are big fans.

Family time is so special and so rare.  We had a fun day and were so glad the weather cooperated with us!

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Unknown said...

This looked like a lot of fun! Sorry one couldn't be there, but thankful that it worked out where most could be!