Saturday, January 2, 2016


My side of the family has been having theme parties the last few cousin hosted this time and it was a Masquerade party!  Kinda fun and fancy.

At home on Christmas morning we had a good time with all our kids - lots of funny gifts. 

I couldn't resist that mug since he loves big coffee mugs - all the ones I would use for soup!

Probably the prettiest sugar cookies I've ever done, so they deserve a look.

Houseshoes were the gift I decided everyone needed this year!

He asked for "swag" stuff - so I wrote SWAG on a bucket and filled it with junk.

At my Mom's on Christmas day...I was excited that I found a way to wrap my sister's step ladder - and it was almost as big as she was!

Finally, an afternoon with the Hubs family - and the big news from my nephew and his wife that they are expecting their first baby!!!  They're on the right. 

Such fun family times that are not to be taken for granted!  I hope you enjoyed your various holiday activities and are ready to begin a wonderful new year!


Lori said...

Speaking from someone with a small family that is spread out all over the country, you are right...those family times are not to be taken for granted! Many people probably wish they had what you have, crazy as it gets sometimes. Now I just need to know what "swag" is that your son requested, and tell you how cute those sugar cookies are!

OK Chick said...

Cookies look pretty! Almost too pretty to eat.