Thursday, July 2, 2015


So exciting to have a new bike trail in OKC!  The West River Trail is 7.5 miles from Meridian street to Lake Overholser.  It wasn't officially open when we went, and you can see some of the trail had been washed over with dirt from the recent heavy rains.  But we really enjoyed getting to ride a new trail.

Oklahoma River

Getting ready to pass under a railroad bridge

 Some tepee structures

 Crystal Lake - didn't even know this existed!

A small obstacle...

It was a great 15 mile round trip!  What I didn't show you was the lovely auto salvage we passed or the pen with the buffalo and deer in it.  There were lots of interesting things along the way.  Another good thing was there is only one street to cross so it's a very safe trail.  We parked in the Chinese Restaurant parking lot on Meridian, because we weren't sure where this trail started.  You could also park in the Basket Market lot across the street.

If any of my blog buddies ever want to go biking, let me know!  

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