Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I'm always ready to go on a trip, but the ones where you drive longer than you are actually at your destination, well, just kinda wear me out!

But, when it involves a sweet bride you've known for many years, and your daughter, you just have to go!  So we drove all day Friday and Sunday and spent Saturday in Nashville, Tennessee.  I tried to plan some fun stops if we had time.

We finally found a good place to eat between Little Rock and Memphis!  It's in Brinkley, Arkansas, on I-40, called Cottage Mall and Cafe.  My Pimento Cheese Melt was delicious!

We picked our Colorado girl up at the airport late Friday night.  Then Saturday morning, Hubs ran with our girl while I shopped the Nashville Farmer's market.

After cleaning up we drove down to Murfreesboro where we ate lunch and toured Oaklands.  It's a historic mansion built in 1815.  It was almost demolished in 1950 to make room for more houses but the ladies of Murfreesboro stepped in and saved it.  Way to go, girls!

There were lots of original furniture pieces in the house and lots of stories.  The Civil War battle of Murfreesboro was fought just down the block.  We had a really great guide and I loved it.
Can you imagine standing in this bathtub while someone washes you? 

Finally, the reason for the trip - the wedding of our sweet friend! 

All of these Okies came to Tennessee for the wedding! Almost  all of them graduated in 2008 from our high school.  Kinda neat to see them again, many with spouses this time!


OK Chick said...

Looks like a fun quick trip. The pic of the sandwich...oh my word! The sandwich looks tasty!!!

Lori said...

That was quick! Enjoyed the pictures!

Amy Arbuckle said...

That house looks cool.

Amy Arbuckle said...
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Amy Arbuckle said...
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