Sunday, May 10, 2015


So if rain on your wedding day = good luck, my niece should have an extremely lucky marriage!

We went to her wedding in Texas at Greystone Castle this past weekend.  It was meant to be outdoors, but because of rain/storms/tornado threats we never sat in those pretty white chairs all set up in front of the castle.  We never sat under the tent for the reception.  Instead, after a 30-45 minute delay, we all stood inside, cramped in the area meant for the food lines near a bar.  My brother-in-law conducted the ceremony, and immediately afterwards the manager told us to take shelter.  We scattered into the guest rooms in the castle resort.  Finally after another hour (not sure, I lost track of time) the reception slowly started and we ended up just heading out since they were also spending more time on pictures and we were pretty hungry.  We also had a 3 hour drive to my MIL's house.  It was beautiful, so I'll share the pictures I got with you...such a shame that the beautiful decorations couldn't be appreciated more.  But, the couple is married now and that's all that matters!
 Greystone Castle Sporting Club entrance

 Waiting for the storms to move past

My niece with a few of the bridesmaids


Not bad for a quick switch for the ceremony

Wedding cake set up

 Some of the table decorations that unfortunately never made it to the tables

One of my favorite shots after the storm passed


Lori said...

Oh dear, this is why I would never plan an outdoor wedding (although that venue looked beautiful if it would have worked out). Weather just can't be depended upon to cooperate, although the past week has been a bit over the top. Sounds like they made the best of it though. I just love how your big family celebrates everything together!

Lori said...

Great pictures!! The umbrella is my favorite, with a close 2nd of all of you sitting on the couch. That's a great one!