Monday, May 4, 2015


Let me just say, biking is one activity you CAN'T really think about much beyond the path, avoiding puddles and traffic.  It's kind of relaxing to just focus on one thing.  Good break for the mind! We biked Saturday on my favorite trail that ends close to Bricktown in OKC.  Unfortunately everyone else in OKC took advantage of the beautiful day too!  We had to watch out for some military people training on our trail.  Then we noticed a lot more traffic towards downtown which we soon found out was due to the Autism Walk.  Our street we usually turn on was also blocked for the walk.  So we had to navigate a new path through parking lots and unknown streets.  Then our Starbucks stop had a line of about 20 people going out the door!  Argh!  But we found a new place to grab a bite a few streets away, Urban Taco!  We ended up biking back down 4th street toward our bike trail.

Always an adventure!  I just let the Hubs do the thinking on this one.  
 We were trying to catch the train going by on the bridge behind us...we failed!

Urban Taco - yummy bacon breakfast burrito!

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