Thursday, April 2, 2015


Our church is doing a special 24 hours of prayer emphasis soon, and each ministry was asked to provide a display or booth for people to come by and pray for that specific ministry.   For the Women's Ministry, I asked all the different leaders in the group to send me their prayer requests and I made a "prayer tree."  (I used the gold tree and birds that I borrowed from a friend for the wedding)

As I spent time making the leaves and writing the requests on each one, it just made me really think about each woman leader and what she was praying for her part of the women's ministry.  In a way it felt intrusive, I felt like I was hearing their innermost thoughts.  But it also made me appreciate them and their heart for their part of the ministry.  Now I know better what to pray for in that area, too.  It also reminded me of how our heavenly Father loves to hear from us!

Love the ladies I get to serve along-side!