Saturday, April 18, 2015


The field of flags is up. They fly for a few hours a year in honor of the 168 Oklahomans who died in the Murrah building bombing 20 years ago.  We had planned to go run the trail this morning, and I had forgotten about them being put up this year, and of course, we ran right through the flags.  It's a little different than driving by.  It's more personal.

That day was pretty amazing.  The fact that the blast shook my house even though I lived in the suburbs was crazy.  I thought a tree had fallen and hit the house.  Then I remembered we didn't have any trees that big.  I called my neighbor and she said to turn the TV sad...I watched a little and told my little ones we should pray.

On top of that remembrance this weekend, add two more deaths on Thursday of people I knew - one, an iconic Bible class teacher at church and another of a boy my boys knew.  A tragic suicide.

Rough week.  But I started thinking about the cross and added that to the list of terrible, terrible things sin has done.

Looking forward to a fresh start to a new week!

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