Friday, August 15, 2014


Recently I've gotten some gems from conversations with others!  These quotes were meaningful to me; maybe they will mean something to you.  I have a friend who collects quotes and sayings and I think that is a good thing to do, so I'm starting today!

"No one cares about it as much as you do..." (from my son, about his snow cone business and the work ethic of his employees)

"Don't lose your fire..." (from my friend Johanna, in our conversation about being an empty nester and fall projects)

"That is the hardest thing about aging - realizing things you used to do you can't do anymore..."(from a woman I was exercising with recently, after talking with her about all the tree work the hubs and I just did, and how we will never do it ourselves again!)

I also had an interesting experience which brought me to a realization that my behavior has been influenced by technology.  My nephew got married in Tennessee and we were unable to go to the wedding.  So I was anxiously awaiting pictures and details on Facebook.  Only a few pictures appeared, so I assumed others were waiting for them to return from their honeymoon to let them post them.  In the meantime I was really curious because I love events and wanted to know more about it.  I actually called, like made a phone call, to my mother-in-law, and we had a conversation and she sent me eight pictures of the wedding immediately afterwards.  I don't have a problem with my mother-in-law, I really love her, but the last few years my phone calls to her have lessened and I have relied on Facebook and our monthly family email newsletter to get news about the family. We do have a lot of family so she's not neglected, but that is beside the point.  This made me sad and I am a little bit, no, a lot, ashamed of my behavior.  I had let busyness get in the way and relied on technology to keep me in the know.  So there you go, I learned the value of conversation.

"Conversation is about building relationships.  Have some today!"
(from me)

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Lori said...

Love the quotes/comments. So true.