Saturday, August 9, 2014


It only takes a couple of hours to go from the deserts of Utah to the lush green mountains of Colorado!  We spent a few days in Colorado to cap off our family vacation.
We stopped and ate a picnic by Rifle Falls - just a little jaunt off the highway.
Lots of cool caves there - unfortunately they stunk - maybe like bat droppings? Not sure.
Another hike to Hanging Lake - gorgeous area near Glenwood Springs!
My girl's the one who suggested both of these hikes - she's got the trip planner gene...
It was a long, steep hike that followed this stream.  
We were rewarded with this view!

Up above Hanging Lake was this waterfall they call Spouting Rock.  Pretty cool.

We also went to Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park and rode some scary rides!
I think I lost my voice screaming on this Canyon Swing....
Glenwood Caverns also had several cave tours, so that was nice and cool - literally.  

One night we actually dressed up for dinner...but this was as fancy as it got!

Supposedly this mountain pizza is the best in Colorado...

When we got back to Denver, we paid a visit to the Denver Botanical Garden, to see the Chihuly exhibit!  Chihuly is pretty awesome, but when you add it to the outside, it's fantastic.  I loved it but I think I prefer the Seattle one.

Finally, we ate in Denver at this purple restaurant because it is the business of a friend...and it was really good despite the decor.
Dessert was an adventure in VooDoo Donuts.  Something new here in Denver.

We had a great time with our kiddos and are so glad they still enjoy spending time with us!  Thank goodness for Tripadvisor, I didn't get any surprises but was prepared for almost everything we did.  Good times!


Lori said...

These pics are so good! That swing thing looks scary, but fun!!

Michelle said...

Looks like a great trip!!

Amy Arbuckle said...

Beautiful scenery. Looks like a great trip. Have to add it to my bucket list.