Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I don't normally get into games on Facebook, and I don't even really know what "words with friends" is - just thought it sounded like a good title for my post today.

A friend of mine from school wanted to do something before Easter to help her think about God.  She is going through the alphabet with a new letter each day, and asks people to comment with a word or phrase beginning with that letter on the Attributes of God.

I wasn't really expecting to gain anything from it except for her to know that I'm a believer, too!  But every day I think about the letter and start to brainstorm words.  I meditate about those words in my quiet time or my walk.  Sometimes the word I think of, someone else has already posted.  So I have to think even more...not a bad thing!

It's really been a great exercise.  Songs have come to mind that I haven't sung in a long time.  Meditating on a single word takes my mind on a journey of thoughts about God.  I enjoy reading others' comments and thinking about their descriptions of God.  Try something new sometime, you might just be surprised at the benefits!

Attributes of God! Today's letter is K.
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Facebook, you do have some redeeming qualities!


Amy said...

love this! thanks!

Tessa said...

I love this! It sounds like a great exercise. I guess A starts tomorrow for me!

OK Chick said...

What a neat thing to do!