Sunday, April 6, 2014


 I am caught up in the CHALKBOARD CRAZE, and sold the idea as a theme for our Performing Arts Banquet here in about a month!  I was thinking we could have one on each table and write phrases about music and drama and our shows this year.  Unfortunately, the cute shaped chalkboards I wanted to use as part of the centerpiece on the tables are no longer in stock!

So I had to move to plan B...since we had already gotten this cute invitation designed, I was sticking with the Chalkboard theme.

I ended up on the Hobby Lobby 90% off aisle, where all strange decorative items go to die...and found these for $1.00 each!

I was able to pop off the letter on them, and after a little scraping, I thought they were ready to paint with chalkboard paint.  But no, the two different surfaces didn't paint the same.  I ended up cutting a rectange of contact paper and putting it on top to make it smooth.  Anyway, it worked, and I now have chalkboards!  

This is the one I put contact paper on, before painting it.  I was so excited to write on it, I didn't "cure" it first.  So you can see some junk on the background of it.  I won't make that mistake again.

This was a metal sign that was pink and had a phrase about shopping on it.  Two coats of chalkboard paint later... I love it!  

I may start chalkboard painting lots of other stuff!  Now if I can just learn some of those great lettering techniques, our banquet signs will be really cute.


Amy said...

What a great idea. I love the chalk board look right now. So cute. Candace and Will's invitation was a chalkboard look. Blessings!

Lori said...

So cute!!
I really like the letter each day idea in the other post. too!