Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I have to confess that in the past I have gotten a little miffed if my family forgets my birthday.  Well, not that they have forgotten it totally, but if they don't acknowledge it the FIRST time they see me.  Like they have to wait until the birthday cake is brought out to say, "Happy Birthday!"  And I have also felt shafted about the fact that my birthday is the first of 6 in the summer and we all celebrate together (i.e., GET GIFTS) like a month AFTER my actual birthday.  So yeah, you sense my attitude here.

But something was different this year.  I can't put my finger on it.  But I do know I woke up and prayed immediately and thanked God for the best gift of all, his Son and his sacrifice.  I think I was telling myself to not be a baby if I wasn't acknowledged immediately, or didn't get a present, or a cake TODAY.  And I really was okay.  I knew it would be a great day anyway, since I would get to go to REFRESHER and watch the THUNDER in the same evening!

I did receive a present from my family - a new flowerbed!  There was a spot in the front of our house that has been in need of a facelift for a long time...and my son went shopping with me yesterday for plants and will be redoing it.

My goody for the day was this:
                                 A splurge for me calorically and financially!

Then wouldn't you know it, I received 2 cakes:
One from RefresHER committee and a cute bundtlet from my son's girlfriend!

I wasn't forgotten after all.  I am blessed.  But most of all because I felt joy when I woke up and decided to be joyful, no matter who or how I was acknowledged.  Maybe I'm maturing just a little bit?


Amy said...

LOVE your attitude! Great lesson on being selfless. Thank you! Enjoy your cake!

Summer said...

You're awesome! I get that little "miffed" feeling because my birthday is always on Missions Sunday weekend :) The hubs is just slightly distracted. But then the day is always so wonderful that I am honored to share my b-day with a wonderful tradition for our church family. But not always :)

Gena said...

Yes, you are maturing. I, on the other hand, can't get over how much I cringe at the word 'bundtlet'. I obviously have a long way to go. Is that seriously a word? ;) Love you, Robin. Happy belated birthday.

Lori said...

Cute ladybug cake and show pictures of the new flower bed!

The 5 Arbuckle's said...

Impressive that the girlfriend got you something.

It's nice to know others have been jilted on their birthday also. Thanks for the attitude adjustment.

I've decided to start planning my own activities on my birthday and then I'm not upset if others forget.

I share my birthday with Thanksgiving.

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Yes, Gena. And to creep you out even more, check out this:

Catherine said...

Happy Belated Birthday from me too! This also makes me feel better. My birthday is the day after New Year's, and so about a week after Xmas. My parents were always good about making a celebration; but my dear and truly beloved husband just doesn't think that much about birthdays -- ANYONE'S birthday! So about 4 years ago I tried to make my peace with the fact that, like Amy A., I will just have to make my own fun. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much. Maybe someday I will mature too -- here's hoping. :-) And note to self: wish Summer a Happy Day on Missions Sunday -- it'll be close enough. :-)