Friday, March 11, 2011


I'm THRILLED to let you know that I have met my initial goal in my LOVE AND LOSE plan, just in time for SPRING BREAK!!! Pedicure here I come!

These are the things that have gotten me through the past month of counting fat grams, hunger pains, and limiting myself:
1.5 g fat per cookie DELICIOUS AND HEALTHY!

The whole pkg. only has 5 fat grams versus regular M & Ms which have 12! They do a pretty good job of satisfying chocolate cravings when you haven't had much chocolate lately!

Some nonfat flavors+ fruit! Again DELICIOUS AND HEALTHY!

One cup=0 fat!

16 of these little babies only 3 fat grams! Now if you can just put the box away after 16...

What are some of your delicious little LIGHT snacks???


Alyssa said...

I LOVE those pretzel M&M's. I've hooked Katie on them too so now we each get our own bag...they don't put enough in one bag to share. Way to go!! You are awesome!

Summer said...

you are so on to me - pretzel m&m's, special K, and junior mints are ALWAYS in my cabinet.

I can't live w/o an apple with peanut butter every day. very filling.