Saturday, November 29, 2008


How do you keep your teens interested in the Thanksgiving holiday?  Add in a little pumpkin smashing, of course!  A wonderful tradition started many years ago by Uncle Joe and Aunt Lori brings us to their home on the outskirts of town where we toss, hit, and smash pumpkins to our hearts' desire!  Bystanders, beware of flying pumpkin debris!


Bob Utley said...

WHAT A WONDERFUL BLOG! When I was about 17 I too cleaned my tennis shoes... but I did it the quick, easy, no-sweat way. I just soaked them in bleach... Not STRAIGHT bleach... but about 75% bleach and 25% water. What a cruel joke to play on ones self. "Hey, who stole the fabric part of my shoes?" I just glued the soles to the bottom of my feet because dad wasn't about to buy me ANOTHER Pair of tennis shoes. And... my tennis game suffered because of it.

Tonya Tuggle said...

pumpkin smashing...we will have to add this to our traditions. i love it!