Tuesday, November 6, 2018


The wedding pictures are in and it's been fun re-living the event!  Here's the things that were interesting to me about it - besides the fact that it was many miles away from Oklahoma:

THE WEDDING VENUE was actually the bride's Uncle Bill and Aunt Barb's farm in Ridgefield, Washington.  (I told most people it was in Portland, Oregon, since that's where the bride was from. Ridgefield is just over the Columbia River from Portland) They have had several weddings here and so they already had so many things prepared for the event.  It was nice to not be on a strict timetable like you are with regular venues!

 THE BRIDE'S DRESS was bought in OKC at one of my favorite consignment stores!

THE BRIDESMAIDS were from 3 different states and 1 different country!

THE BEST MAN'S SHIRT was bought literally 2 hours before picture taking the day of the wedding!   He thought the shirt he had brought was fine and the groom nixed it, so we were left to call The Men's Wearhouse and stop by on the way to the wedding venue and pick it up!  Crazy kids!

THE MASSIVE TREE for the ceremony is an old Maple tree.  Would you believe the entire group, guests and all, fit under it's canopy?  I love trees and nature and it had to be one of the most lovely settings I've ever seen for a wedding.  Uncle Bill had everything groomed so nicely in the yard!

THE MOTHER/SON DANCE was a little sweet and a little silly with some of two songs.  My son wanted something that was sentimental (cheesy) and chose "You'll Be In My Heart."  I wanted "Happy Dance!"  We had a lot of fun even though we weren't in sync most of the Happy Dance song!  Another thing:  I'm not really much of a dancer - but going to aerobic exercise classes has made me confident enough to enjoy having some fun with wedding dancing.

THE GETAWAY CAR was a surprise gift to him from his bride.  He loves cars and enjoys tinkering on them, buying and selling, and especially driving them!  She asked a cousin of hers who owns a  1968 Chevy Nova, fully restored, if they could leave the wedding in his car.  He said he would be their driver.  :)  So they got to leave in a fun fashion.

OUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS who made the long journey to come to the wedding!  There were friends from California, Tennessee, Tulsa, and OKC.  There were family from all over Oklahoma who came too.  It was great, and it's a humbling feeling to think they would do that for you!  

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