Sunday, July 15, 2018


We just finished a great week for women at church that we call Women's Service Week!  Our phrase is We Serve Because He Served, which I love.

This time we were ambitious and offered four different places to serve(we had two last year)!  We didn't fill up every time slot, but over 80 women participated in some way.  I call that a win!  We had opportunities to help at church, doing tasks for the Children's Ministry, help at a cooking camp put on by a adoption agency for at-risk kids in OKC, work at a thrift store owned by one of our sweet sisters in Christ, and do various things at an inner city congregation that has a program for kids year-round and a free medical clinic.  We also had a kitchen shower for that congregation.

One of the regular workers at the medical clinic said she really felt pampered by us coming and cleaning and doing a little re-decorating!  The Interns loved the home-made meals some women brought to them.  The owner of the thrift store felt so blessed and it just so happened that her birthday was the first day so we made sure she got some cupcakes and a gift!  The kids at the cooking camp were really sweet and we were reminded how time invested in a child is never wasted!  Also, I was glad we did provide opportunities right in our own building to bless those we worship with every week.

I was touched by one volunteer who just moved here, but wanted to serve several times, just so she could get to know the women from our church.  And the one who is a visitor that is thinking about helping regularly at the thrift store.  Just so many stories and women and children touched by this past week!  May all the glory go to God!


Ok Chick said...

Looks like a huge success! I know many people were blessed by this week.
I was so sad my mom and I couldn't help on Thursday!

Mark Brewer said...

Thanks for leading out on much of this.