Saturday, July 7, 2018


Well, we're a little bit past half of this year!  I seem to read a lot about goals, self-discipline, and to put it in today's terms - living your best life!  Something I was thinking and reading about the beginning of this year in relation to this had you ask the question of yourself:


Well, for me the answers were pretty easy.  There were two things.  One was related to personal health and clean eating.  I successfully lost weight and felt better and changed some bad eating habits.  The other was to get a service project for women, by women at church underway.  We ended up doing a whole week of service and many women participated!  

So far this year I wouldn't say I've done much to be proud of...but coming up this week is our 2nd Women's Service Week, and I'm pumped!  We were ambitious in planning more than last year, and prayed God would bring the volunteers!  Pictures and a full report to come.  

I'm you think over your life at the beginning of the year or the school year and do any kind of goal setting?  Does it help you reach your goals?  Have you ever asked yourself this question?  

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