Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Chasing Slow by Erin Loechner

Loved this read!  I thought I was getting a book to help me learn more about slower paced living, enjoying the moments, etc.  And it was that.  But it was also a trip with Erin through her times of plenty and leaner times.  Learning what matters most and how being insecure is a part of your life and to accept it for what it is.  I totally related to her journey and was the perfect thing to think about while on a break from our everyday life. 

True Worshipers by Bob Kauflin

Something  that my husband has been studying for a while, and searching the scriptures about…so I found him this book at Mardel.  We read it and discussed it while we were on vacation in January.  It’s about seeking what matters to God.  Although it didn’t address all the things we’ve been talking about, it brought up some good points about worship.  One was that we don’t have to repress our emotions.  Emotionalism as an end in itself is not good, but if your emotions are stirred while worshipping God, that’s okay. 

Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey

Curious to read this because the author went to college in my home state.  She grew up in Canada and has an interesting faith story to tell.  Basically, her view after feeling stifled as an adult Christian woman in a conservative church is that if you are gifted to do something, do it.  She raises some interesting points which I still have yet to reconcile in my mind but worth pondering. 

The Big Tiny by Dee Williams

I picked this one up off the New Book shelf at the library.  Since my son is building a tiny house in our driveway, I’m finding it entertaining and interesting.  After experiencing a health event in mid-life, the author decided to drastically simplify her life by building a tiny house.  I love her style and am not finished with the book yet, but would recommend. 

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Mark Brewer said...

Always appreciate you posting your reading lists. Thanks!