Tuesday, July 25, 2017


WOW, How fun for the tables to turn and all of a sudden YOU are invited someplace by the kids!  It's started happening with Mother's Day at my daughter's house and now a weekend lake trip with my son and his sweet wife!  

We stayed at her parent's mobile home that had a gorgeous view of Lake Tenkiller.  It was a great time of reminiscing for us, especially since my parents owned a lake house and boat there for many years before my Dad's death in 2001.  At that time they sold it all and despite our best intentions, we've only visited a couple of times since then. 

Ready to check out the lake - including Tucker!

 Happy 26th birthday to our son!

Beautiful sunset from the deck of the cabin! We enjoyed this special time with our kids.  Kinda fun to not be in charge but just going along with what they had planned.  


Unknown said...

So glad you got to go - and had an invite!! That is special!

Weston said...


Amy said...

How fun!! Great times with family! Blessings!!