Friday, June 24, 2016


Biking 50+ miles on vacation called for it!  The Hubs hadn't ever had one before so he was pretty funny about it, but he enjoyed it, I think...

Of course this calls for just a few biking pics:

We rode the Tammany Trace (Rails to Trails) in Louisiana - it was gorgeous!

We got to ride over a drawbridge at Lacombe

Nice trailhead at Covington 

Tunnel at Mandeville

Pit stop at Slidell

A fun playground nearby...

Bridge over Bogue

On our way home we spent the night in Shreveport so we tried out their trail too - unfortunately a lot of it had been destroyed by a flood but this was one of the nice parts!

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Mark Brewer said...

What a great trip and cool that he did the pedicure. From running, my feet are a disaster and I should do the same! Have a great time.