Wednesday, March 30, 2016


We just had our spring RefresHER program for the women at church!  This time the young ladies of the Youth group led out and my class shared some of the work.  The Youth group came up with the theme, the decor, the menu, and supplied the speakers.  Two seniors in the group spoke.  Others helped by being a table hostess (with their mother or another adult), leading a song or prayer, running the sound system, baking the cookies for dessert, helping set up, or babysitting in the nursery.

They did a beautiful job and it just thrills me to see them rise to the occasion when asked!  We must give our girls opportunities to participate and lead out if we expect them to grow into these roles.

 I loved the programs!  It was a combination color sheet/program going with the "creative" theme.
 The tables were really bright and colorful and topped off with home-made cookies for dessert.
 One of our song leaders from the youth group

Proud of these two speakers!

How can you help the young ladies in your life be leaders?  I was told by one of the mothers of these girls that her daughter was a bit reluctant at first when asked to speak.  But the mother gently reminded her of her story and how God had worked in her life the last few years and the value in sharing it.  I'm so glad her mother encouraged her!

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Lori said...

So great to allow the younger to learn and grow in this way!