Thursday, March 3, 2016


The winter quarter is coming to an end, and so is the class, "Getting Creative with God."  It's been a little stressful but mostly a joy!  My prayer was that in this class there would be some different ideas introduced and ladies would try them and perhaps use them as they engage in quiet time with God.  I've really loved it, personally.  I don't have pictures of every activity we did, but here's a little sample of some of the visual arts activities we've done:

We did some Bible Journaling...

Learned about spiritual scrapbooking...

This is the word I chose with our "word of the year" activity.

We did some watercolor with masking fluid.   I ended up making them into postcards - my favorite activity!

For our last class, we had what I called "Class Collaboration" night.  Two weeks ago I asked everyone to think about something they could share. It could be something they just learned in the class and really are incorporating into their quiet time, or just sharing a creative service project or even suggesting to everyone a Bible study they loved.

We had all kinds of ideas offered, like making a Pinterest page using your word of the year, or a whole journal dedicated to your word.  Another suggestion was using received Christmas cards to pray for each family.  I have done this long ago, but this suggestion was different.  She made a poster that says, "praying for..." and puts the card onto it.  They choose a new card and pray for that family all week.  She also emails the family and asks how they can be praying for them.  I loved that idea!  Another idea was to take a picture on your phone of your Bible journaling and send it out once a week to your family members to stay in touch.  These were just a few of the suggestions.

A bonus for me is that I have memorized Ephesians 3:16 since I have prayed it each Wednesday night for this quarter!  It has become more meaningful to me.  So I will pray it for all of you, my blog buddies:  "I pray that out of His glorious riches you will be strengthened with the power of the Holy Spirit in your inner being."

I would love to hear how you all spend your quiet time whether it's a walking quiet time or a special study, or maybe it's creative!

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Lori said...

I'm sure that everyone enjoyed learning the new ways to connect. Mine is especially when driving (and that would be because it's country driving and not city driving!). No distractions around. I can pray, sing, listen to the Bible or my Zoe Group/Hallal playlist. I love it!