Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Seems I can always find something to blog about!  Even with three BIG kids, I find their lives interesting and they don't mind me occasionally sharing about something they are doing.  There's always a new recipe to try and post my opinions about.  Lots of fun activities to share.  But something I don't post often is my TRUE thoughts and feelings.  This week finds me a little nervous.  Lots of activities happening, things I am responsible for, and that puts me on edge.

All of these events revolve around women so I guess there's always a chance for DRAMA.  RefresHER has a record breaking registration this time with 250 women coming tonight, and that's great!  A little scary, too.  I am facilitating a new class on Wednesday night at church, and Thursday morning I have Bible study year-end class and our big group luncheon and then I'm hosting my Bunko group that evening!  Not to mention my son is hosting a dinner for 12 at our home Wednesday night (He says he will help me cook).  AaAaAUuUGgGHHh!  Sorry, just had to release some tension.

This morning this scenario came to mind.  In Luke 10, Jesus is going to the home of Mary and Martha to have a meal.  I believe these two women really knew and understood possibly more about Jesus than some of his own disciples who were with him constantly.  Call it women's intuition.  Martha wanted to make everything perfect for the Lord.  What did He say to her?  "Martha, Martha..you are worried and upset about many things...but only one thing is needed."  Mary had chosen to sit and visit with Jesus while Martha had just been too busy!  So I'm trying to find some moments this week to sit and be still in the midst of all of this, take a deep breath and also do the one important thing...spend time with Jesus.

So I'm asking you this morning to say a little prayer for me and all of us "Marthas" in our busyness.  Pray that God will be glorified through these activities and women will be encouraged.  Thanks!


Lori said...

WOW! You're busy! Praying that it has gone well so far, and that it continues to go well! You'll do great with it all, I'm sure! If you're like me, when it's over, you breathe a big sigh of relief! That's how I felt yesterday after the Dr. Seuss thing at school

Amy said...

Perfect words. Thank you for sharing your heart and you are not alone. Spending those few minutes alone with Jesus makes it all go better doesn't it?!! I have to just keep telling myself when all is busy to just take it one hour at a time. Blessings friend!!