Saturday, February 21, 2015


A friend of mine held a fundraiser this week to help patients who can't afford insulin.  She called it "Cupcakes and Canvas."  Personally I had never gone to one of these painting parties because it seems like they all involved wine, and I choose not to drink.  But this one didn't - it included cupcakes!  So I was all in - a good cause and a cupcake and an evening of fun!

 Me, my friends and my little sis - so glad she agreed to come with me for this evening!

I wasn't sure where I might hang the cross art we made, so I put it in my closet and every day when I get dressed I am reminded that I'm forgiven!  My sister loves red so I wasn't surprised she wanted to do hers in red!

The studio had this really cool piano in it!  The paintbrushes were real ones hanging on the wall with the paint spilling down onto the piano.  

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Amy said...

How fun!! I have a coupon to take someone with me and go to one of these painting places. I need to just do it! I wish it was a coffee and paint place! ha. Cupcakes are the best though.