Saturday, January 4, 2014


Maybe my favorite of the year!  Not what you think of when you see Stephen King...loved this time traveling book!  It's long, though.    The main character travels back in time to try to prevent the assassination of JFK.  I think it really was interesting to me because he describes America in the early 60's so well.  It gave me a snapshot of what the world was like when I was born in '64.  

This book is really an interesting read and makes me think perhaps I was too easy on my kids!  Too late now.  But they still love me.  Interesting thoughts and practices on parenting.

If you like books about Africa, you will probably like this.  I learned a lot about the culture and how a woman traveling alone in Africa makes her way through it.  But it's more about a personal journey of self-acceptance and complexities in marriage.

Recommended by my friend the amazing reader - a great easy read for anyone wanting to improve their health.  Many of his tips you have heard all your life but he gives it more meaning.  This is one I just almost want to buy so I can continue to refer to and put the tips into practice.  Or, you can go to his website and take the 30 day challenge! This book inspired me to UPGRADE!


Amy said...

These sound great- especially the Africa one and the last one. THanks!!

Mark Brewer said...

Thanks for the wonderful comment and thanks for the book ideas. Always looking for good recommendations.

Sure enjoy your blog and how you interact with your family.