Wednesday, November 24, 2010


It's been a while since I've been to a sports banquet. Four years, I think! My kids played lots of different sports growing up, but music has been what they've stuck with through high school. I hope they don't have any regrets about that. I certainly don't! You know all the studies...improved brain function, math skills, etc. Not to mention exposure to many different languages and nurturing their artistic side. But I have to say sports helps in many ways too. I went to my youngest's Cross Country banquet last week and LOVED the coach's style! He's been around here for 30 years. He retired from teaching, and now paints houses, quitting at 1 p.m. to continue coaching Cross Country /Track at EMHS. He was HILARIOUS to us parents - my son said they are so used to him that he's not funny anymore. But I love it that he doesn't mince words. Here are some


While handing out certificates for the faster runners: "Here's one of our better runners, Congratulations."

For the slow runners: "Good improvement, good improvement."

"There's only 19 trophies and 53 of you guys. So I think you'll figure out not everybody's gonna get a trophy. If you want a trophy, then SUCK IT UP AND BE A MAN. Work harder next year and you'll get a trophy."

"If you don't work hard, your gluteus maximus is gonna get bigger."

"Go ahead and try basketball or football and maybe you'll be one of the chosen few. But if you show up for a meet we'll put you on the bus and let you run..."


I LOVE this guy! He led an awesome prayer before the banquet started, and obviously loves running if he's been doing this for 30 years - actually you might see him on a bicycle now, following his runners. He buys kids snacks if they need something after a race. He tells is like it is and encourages hard work. He is a great role model. We are really blessed to have this guy, and his young protege in our school!

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