Friday, August 27, 2010


is a great way to start off school! Here's some of the looks from this week:

80's Workout Day...kinda scary
A friend that would be a dead ringer for Richard Simmons if he had a wig, don't ya think?
Western Day - love this! Got that Stetson hat at a garage sale years ago.
Pre-K Day...I guess how your momma would dress you?
Tacky Tourist Day - always a fun one!

I'm kinda thinking I haven't gotten to dress up in a long time...I miss it! We adults need to loosen up once in a while...maybe I'll have to plan a costume party in the future!


Lori said...

Dawson looks so much like you in those pictures!

Alyssa said...

I love it! How fun!

The 5 Arbuckle's said...

I guess that is what I have to look forward to next year.