Thursday, March 12, 2020


Amsterdam is so much more than I thought it was!  We recently spent two days there - unfortunately they were both rainy days!  But we were fortunate that for February, it wasn't too cold.  We were able to do a canal tour in the oldest part of town, visit the Flower Market and the Anne Frank house.  We ate several good meals and enjoyed a little shopping as well.  There are many museums and many international restaurants there - you could easily spend a week and not even scratch the surface of all the things to do!  If I ever go back, I would definitely try to go when tulips are blooming and see Zaanse Schans!

By the Iamsterdam sign at the airport

Amazing architecture and canals everywhere!
A stop for The Hubs!
 Eetcafe Roserijn-  it has some traditional dutch dishes, like Stampot!  Delicious!

By the Flower Market 
Wish they could've fit in my suitcase!
Winkel 43 - we waited in the drizzly rain for 30 minutes to get a taste of their famous apple pie!  Loved the pea soup and wild boar focaccia too!
Canal tour

Bicycles everywhere
The Lego store had a staircase tribute to MC Escher, a Dutch artist that my Dad loved.

Why not?

Yummy dessert pancake

The last night we were there we visited the Anne Frank House.  This is one of the top attractions, for good reason.  We bought our tickets online several weeks ahead of time, although they do have a few openings each day if you want to stand in line and take your chances.  Our tour was at 8:00 p.m., which was fine with me since we wanted to make the most of our two days there.  We also paid for the informational pre-session just because it had been a long time since I had thought about the life of Anne Frank.  It was really a good review and made the house tour meaningful.  There is also no photographs allowed, but trust me, the tour makes the story come alive to you!  I found myself relating to Anne in many ways.  Her birthday is the same day as mine.  Such a terrible time in history and unbelievable that it wasn't even 100 years ago!

Thankful for the opportunity to see this international city!  

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