Monday, January 6, 2020


Towards the end of the year I begin thinking about goals for the next.  I usually give it some thought for several weeks and don't always start my "New Year's resolutions" on January 1.  I know myself well enough to know that if I try to do that I will fail.  There's leftovers in the fridge and pantry, still some chill time left before the world gets going again, and I take full advantage of all of that.  So I always plan on evaluating and regrouping to get started on a new goal mid-January.

That said, I had been thinking about how life was going, and the 10 extra lbs. I now had, and the way my fitness level had gone down.  I started thinking about the things I hadn't done in 2019.

At that moment,  I was feeling especially disappointed in myself.

Then, I started flipping through my Daily Scripture and Goal Book (it's a humble weekly planner) that I did this year.  Part of my goal for 2019 was to write scripture each day, selecting a new one to focus on each week, to help me memorize and "write it on my heart." I loved starting my day this way.  I also had selected three goals to work on, writing them each week and noting progress.  Rise podcaster Rachel Hollis repeatedly says to write your goals as if they have already happened, and that was my way of doing it.  So each day I thought about how I was doing with my three goals, CARE, DECLUTTER, CREATE.  I jotted down each week things I did to meet those goals.

What I discovered as I flipped through my year in this book, was there were a lot of ways I showed CARE for people.  There were multiple weeks that I worked on DECLUTTERING in some way, and also lots of CREATING going on, whether something small or big.  Most of these things I couldn't remember until I saw the writing on the page.

I realized how much good I had done in 2019! 

I realized how I now had a new "tool" to help me when I'm feeling disappointed.  I can look at encouraging scriptures and see things I did to get closer to my goals.  Satan loves for me to get hung up on ways I've failed, but this little book is a great reminder of God's words and success! I can see it in black and white.

That said, maybe my new resolution should be remembering I'm loved, redeemed and headed to Heaven, no matter what personal goals I meet or don't meet.  :)

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Mark Brewer said...

You are an encouragement to others so press on.