Monday, May 21, 2018


The rest of our family vacation was dedicated to just relaxing...we drove about 2 hours south to Sedona where we did just that!
Gorgeous red rocks of Sedona!
Great views along this area with the outdoor museum placards on the roadway.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

 Tlaquepaque shopping village

 Renting Razors!

We got pretty dirty but we had fun!

We ate lots of good food and enjoyed our vrbo, where we could all stay in one place! We had been warned by the vrbo manager about javelinas - that if we put trash in the trashcans to be sure and put the bungee cord back on the top or the javelinas would come around at night and get into it.  So I decided I would not put any trash into the trash cans until we left.  Unfortunately I did not know there was trash from someone else in there.  About midnight, I heard some crashing noises outside and thought someone was breaking in the house!  I woke up The Hubs to which he promptly rolled over and went back to sleep.  The noise went on for 15 minutes!  I finally figured out it must be critters and finally went back to sleep.  Of course, the next morning, we discovered the mess on the driveway!  Javelinas had come and knocked over the trash can.  Somehow they got trash out even with the bungee cord on the trash.  Crazy! We don't have those in OK so that was definitely a surprise to me.

At the end of our trip we drove back to Phoenix to fly back to Dallas.  We had time to take in the MIM.  The Musical Instrument Museum is fairly new but already rated one of the top twenty museums in the nation!  It was 102 outside, so it was the perfect place to spend a few hours.  The museum wasn't exclusively about instruments, it was much more.  I would highly recommend it!

The Hubs and I were thrilled to get to go on a trip with all the kids!  For them to enjoy hiking the Grand Canyon was a plus.  We feel very blessed to make these memories!

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