Monday, April 2, 2018


 If you ever wondered what there is to see in Tipton, Oklahoma, here you go!  We had a busy last week with a lot of different activities but nothing traditionally Easter!  I went with The Hubs on a business trip to Dallas then we headed to his hometown of Tipton, Oklahoma for the weekend.  It was time for the High School Reunion which we try to attend every 5 years.  Since we drove, we took our bikes and unfortunately didn't get to bike in Dallas due to weather, but we did get to bike around Tipton.

Tipton is primarily a farming community so you see a lot of this...

and a lot of this!  This is a module of cotton waiting to be picked up and taken for processing.  I only tell you because I wouldn't have known until I joined the family, since I am mostly a city girl!  

Tipton Tiger water tower Downtown

Almost 100 years old, the Tipton Children's Home has served children faithfully through the years.  The Hubs actually lived there for 12 years while his parents were Houseparents.  He has a lot of fond memories and some specific food dislikes from his experiences.  

 The stately looking Administration building at Tipton Children's Home.

 Old farm implements in a park

 Sad vacant old buildings downtown

 The Crazy Cactus, one of our relative's snow cone business

The train by his Mom's house came right as we got home -   I like to see it up close when we're there and get a wave from the conductor!

Maybe I should've highlighted the school and their famous astro-turf football field!  After winning the state championship in football several times, they have a really great football field due to their patrons and town support.  It's a sweet little town that I wish could have a downtown renewal.  Lots of good people and a solid church there, though.  :)

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