Tuesday, December 19, 2017


So I guess any day on vacation in Europe is better than a work day at home, RIGHT?  

So the truth...Salzburg was...not our favorite.  By the time we left we were enjoying it, but we just didn't get the best vibes from the people there.  Couldn't find a simple map of the town in English.  So yeah, we wandered around a lot. I had been there and done the Sound of Music tour back in the 80's, so that was out.  The Hubs wasn't interested in doing it.  Maybe, just maybe, we needed a day of rest at this point in our trip...YES, I think so.

We did eventually get our bearings and enjoyed these things:

The Salzburg Fortress sits high above the city, and has been added onto throughout the centuries.  It has an amazing history!  We took the funicular ride up there and toured it - there were several museums housed in the fortress and it had great views of the city.  One of the museums was a marionette museum that was interesting.  Another thing I loved was ice skating in Mozartplatz!  It was just me and little kids; The Hubs decided to be the photographer for this outing. The atmosphere was magical with Christmas music playing and then the church bells ringing in the background!  We also found a great traditional Austrian restaurant within a block of our hotel and we ate there two nights in a row.  It was called Zum Fidelen which translates to the Lucky Monkey.

We took a day trip to Berchtesgaden.  We toured a salt mine and it was really interesting and fun!  The fun thing about it was that you get to ride through a lot of the parts of the cave.  We also slid down two slides to lower levels of the cave.  They projected images onto the walls to show how the salt was mined.  No pictures were allowed so we did buy the slide picture!  After lunch we went to Lake Konigsee outside of Berchtesgaden.  They have a boat ride that has several interesting views - Hitler's summer home and other things - and then a stop at a little church where you can eat in the restaurant or just walk around until the next boat comes.  It was a fun day but we had to switch a lot of buses to do it, and I think that stressed The Hubs out. The last morning we were there we hiked a trail up Kapuzinerberg Mountain for a great view of the Fortress, then came back down and found a delightful coffee shop, and ended our time there with a bit of the SternAdvent Christmas Market that was opening that day!

Window shopping in Old Town Salzburg - lots of fancy stores

Ice skating in Mozartplatz - the polar bear has handles on it for children

Looking up at the Fortress
Marionette museum in the Fortress

Zum Fidelen

Berchtesgaden - picture spot outside the salt mine

One of the slides we went down in the mine

St. Bart's church on Lake Konigsee

Clear water at Berchtesgaden
While on the boat ride they demonstrated Echo Mountain with a bugle player

The Fortress
Hiking up Kapuzinerberg to see the Fortress

My first roasted chestnuts

Stern Advent Christmas Market

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