Saturday, June 17, 2017


Friday I got to do some "research" on a service project for Women's Ministry.  We are planning to do some special things in July and our goal was to do something to benefit women, done by the women of our church.

My aim was to work for a few hours and get a feel for what we might be doing to help at a thrift store recently opened by one of our members.  She is a new Christian and has a passion for helping those who need a second chance.  That is the name of her store.

What I didn't know was how I would see service magnified in those short few hours!
Here is the owner of Second Chances and some of the pretty items she has displayed.  I watched as she greeted customers so happily.  I watched as she asked two men that pick up things for her go get two nice shelf displays from another nearby store and she paid one of them with a pair of shorts.  She asked me if I knew of any groups who could help him get his gas turned back on.  She went next door to see if a pawn shop had a record player for a customer seeking one.  I also observed her getting in trouble for trying to sell a couch on the lawn outside of the shopping center.  She smiles through it all.  She told me about the jewelry brought in weekly by a woman in our church who makes jewelry and helps her display it.  She showed me the lovely draperies recently dry-cleaned and brought in from a member of our church to sell.  She knows the customers who steal.  She helps anyway.  This gal is something else.  She loves Jesus and wants to serve.  

I watched as a customer engaged her employee (below) in conversation.  They had both worked for Salvation Army and had lots to talk about.  After she made a purchase, she came back in and gave the employee a $20 bill to help buy her next bus pass.  I about cried!

All I did was hang up clothing and sort shoes and greet customers.  But I learned a lot more about what she is doing and the people she helps and those who are blessing her - oh, the stories!  I enjoyed working alongside both of these fine ladies.  It was a great day!

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