Friday, December 2, 2016


I know Cake Balls are old news.  But I just recently made some and figured out the secret of making pretty ones!  Another thing I just figured out.  With all the desserts at holiday parties, cake balls are really a great way to get a little bite of cake and not have to eat a whole piece.  In other words, they are MUCH BETTER FOR YOU!
My experiment was new flavors - I got some cake from the sale rack at my local grocery store - one small Pumpkin Creme Cake and one small Gingerbread Creme Cake with a tub of Butter Cream frosting to make what I called Pumpkin Spice Cake Balls!  I dipped them in white almond bark.  Reminded me of Pumpkin Roll, which I also enjoy making.  They were delicious!
 As far as the secret of making pretty ones, I found out after making a large amount for a shower and not dipping all of them, that it's great to have some un-dipped balls in the freezer.  They keep for a long time and then when you dip them, they do better than those that have just been in the freezer a short time.  Also, I've been making them smaller, about the size of a pecan.  They still are a good bite and then they are easier to manage when dipping.  I use 2 toothpicks when dipping, one in the bottom of the cake ball, and one to push it onto the wax paper from underneath.  It works for me!  You can probably find your own method, it sometimes just takes practice!  Also I found that using a glass one cup measuring cup and melting 4 pieces of almond bark in the microwave at a time works best for me.  The small cup  is just right for dipping.  Lastly, you must have something to sprinkle on the top!  It draws your attention away from the other imperfections.

So those are my tips!  I got some rave reviews on the chocolate ones I made recently, too.  Not sure what made them so good but maybe it was because they were CHOCOLATE.  Actually, I did combine one regular chocolate cake mix and one dark fudge cake mix, along with two different kinds of chocolate frosting in the tub.  So try your own combination for a little different flavor.

I decided to post all this more for me to remember than for you.  Have you ever practiced on something like this and finally found your own best way to do it?  It's exciting!

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I didn't eat one! I should have!