Wednesday, December 16, 2015


This year we had a "come and go" party for our college friends.  I tried to make it easy on their schedules, since technically it was Dead Week (no activities) for the students and they are supposedly studying.  We had a good group over, watched a little "White Christmas" and ate a lot!

 We had everyone choose a button that described themselves - these are just a few that were left so there were many different ones.  We had fun with it!


The Menu:

Ham & Cheese party sandwiches
Sausage balls
Cheese cubes
Hummus and pita chips
Veggie tray with dip
Banana bread
Pumpkin roll
Almond bark popcorn
Salted Caramel Christmas candy
Butter cookies
Hershey's kisses
Apple cider punch

You never know what they are going to go for - I thought the Hummus would be a hit since a friend of mine told me her group ate it up.  But ours didn't hardly touch it!  That's okay, my son and I eat it almost every day!  Tip: Always have party food you like so if there's leftovers it's a win-win situation.
What really went over well was the Apple Cider Punch.  I decided to share it with you because I've been making it for about 30 years and I love the blend of juices!  It came out of a paperback Avon cookbook.

Apple Cider Punch

4 cups Apple cider
2 cups Cranberry juice
1 cup Orange juice
12 oz. Apricot nectar
1 cup sugar
2 sticks Cinnamon

Heat and let simmer 20 minutes.  
Top punch with floating orange slices 
decorated with cloves.  Serves 10-12. 

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