Sunday, November 23, 2014


 Lots of fun things  happening this past week!  We had our annual Sweets & Service project for the ladies at church.  This year we changed it up a little, and the things we collected and made are going to benefit the teachers of a local school that has a lot of low income students.  We felt like these teachers probably need a token of appreciation more than some of the other schools. They will each receive a Sonic gift card, along with some other goodies!

One of the crafts we made were gift tags that the teachers can use for their personal gift giving.  I had seen lots of fancy ones and ideas on Pinterest, so we bought a craft punch, some card stock, Christmas stamps and other misc. items, and came up with some fun tags.

I love to see the cool ideas people come up with when handed a bunch of miscellaneous art materials!  It's also great to see the little girls enjoying creating with their mothers.  :)

I also went to the last luncheon for my Bible study of the year, and I helped my friend decorate.  Her theme was "The Bread of Life," and she used bread making utensils, wheat, and fall decorations, along with real loaves of bread and butter for each table.  She always surprises me with her ideas!

Speaking of tables, the gold and white table is what I've come up with so far for wedding reception tables.  I spray painted the styrofoam ball wreath gold (the wedding accent color) and I like it okay.  I would love for it to be more unique but at this point I'm pretty tired of scouring Pinterest and the sale tables at the stores.  So if you have any awesome ideas, send them my way.  As long as they are beautiful, cheap, and portable...

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Lori said...

Those little tags are so cute! That's a great idea for that school! Very thoughtful and they will, for sure, appreciate it!

The table looks great! And I could tell what the theme was on the red table before I read it :). That's neat!