Friday, July 18, 2014


So that dating me or what?!  Do you know what it means to 
"let your hair down?"  

About 15 months ago, the hubs and I made a move to another class at church, a request from the elders.  Our goal was to encourage and get to know the members.  They're good Christian people with struggles but they persevere despite this crazy life.  They're a busy lot, many sandwiched between parent/child care.  They are volunteers, often times teaching children's classes.  Thankfully twelve of us were able to get together for a Ladies' Bunko night and we had some great fun.  We laughed and laughed as they told stories from long ago.   We let our hair down and took our masks off for a little while.  I feel like I've got some more friends now and I'm learning to love them.  It just takes time.  

Take some time to enjoy the summer and let your hair down!

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