Friday, March 29, 2013


Whew!  It's been a week!  A busy week!  I don't even have little ones either - thinking about a few years ago when this week I would be scrambling around getting Easter basket goodies for each one.  Looking for their favorite candies and non-candyish things to put in their baskets that they would actually use. Then getting the cute springy outfit all together and sometimes even coordinating siblings.  Well, the pressure is off now and all I really have to worry about is....well, nothing!  (the boys have plenty of everything but probably we'll get some new shoes soon)  Kinda sad, but I'm getting used to it.  :) This week I was involved in two big womens' activities so I had plenty to keep me busy.

We had our final Bible lesson for the school year in CWBS!  It's always a fun time, wrapping up the year and getting to hear from everyone in the group about what they learned from the study or how it impacted their life.  In my group we had great grandmas, middle agers, new mothers, and even one young hopeful to be engaged soon!  Everyone's perspective is different and thought provoking.

We also had a luncheon, with all the groups together.  Every group decorates their own table and I love to see how they all turn out - this year I think we were all thinking SPRING!  Check it out:
 Bunnies and pastels
 My lime and hot pink theme - not sure what happened to the flowers in the middle but it still worked - made the sign with my friend's cricut machine.

Got the idea with the pear from Pinterest, of course!

 This table had lots of little birds on it with lessons learned from Acts on them.

More bunnies and flowers and I loved the orange-y plates!

Pinks and purples and lillies

Vegetable theme - love these paper placemats too!
Burlap with lime - one of my favorites!  Pretty placemats with succulents on each place.

Yellow and teal with crosses

Easter Explosion!  :)


Lori said...

I always enjoy seeing these tables at your luncheons. What a fun way for your Bible study to end the year!

Amy said...

How beautiful is all looked!

The 5 Arbuckle's said...

Love the spring look on all the tables.