Sunday, December 26, 2010


We have a little tradition of the "fake gift" that goes way back to when we lived in another house and the kids were little. I had a plant shelf up high in the family room. It was so high you probably wouldn't put real plants on it. Most of the time I think it was blank or had a few decorative items on it. One Christmas I decided to get a few big boxes and wrap them to look decorative and Christmasy and put them way up there. The kids started asking me what those presents were, to which I replied, "those are fake gifts, just to be pretty." I started thinking how disappointing that might be to them, and started scheming right then. One of the gifts I had ordered for all of the kids was a little puppet theatre for them to play with, so I decided to put it up there, wrapped among the fake gifts. After all of Christmas was said and done, I looked at my husband and said, "Daddy, do you really think all those gifts are fake? Maybe we better take them down and see..." So we got the ladder out and got down all those fake gifts, and the kids tore into them, and found that one box really had something in it! They thoroughly enjoyed that, so the next year we got a game or something the whole family would enjoy together to be among the fake gifts. Now I have fake gifts around a smaller tree in my entryway. So we've kept the tradition going strong.

This year's fake gift was a night on the town: Cirque de Soleil and dinner! We really enjoyed Cirque de Soleil, Allegria! It had been many years since we had been to any kind of a circus performance and were wowed by the acrobats, trapeze acts, and beautiful costuming and set(unfortunately, they don't allow any picture taking)! After that we went and tried Upper Crust, a new pizza place. It's in Classen Curve, one of the hottest new places in OKC. The pizza was average, but the setting is really fun, especially when you can see the Chesapeake light display in the background! Oh, yes...if you're a pizzookie fan, they have their version. It's called Cookie Pie. I would definitely recommend stopping by just for dessert sometime!
Okay, probably my favorite pic of the holiday season!
Upper Crust pizza!
The Chesapeake lights!


The 5 Arbuckle's said...

What a fun tradition. Looks like your family has been having fun during Christmas.

OK Chick said...

The CHK lights are very pretty!

Lori said...

Fun! Those lights are so pretty! That's what I took pictures of on the way to your house that night. Mom and Dad ate at Upper Crust and really liked it. See you in a few days!