Friday, September 10, 2010


VERY CHEESY picture of my son and his girlfriend

So this has been a pretty hum-drum week. Getting back into the routine, stuff like that. But probably the moment that MADE MY WEEK was on Wednesday. I had just picked up my son from cross-country practice. He gets a call from his girlfriend about going to eat at the church building before class, which he does a couple of times a month. He says, "No, I don't really like their nachos." Then after some more persuasion, he finally tells her, "No, I don't want to leave my Mom all alone for dinner, I'm not even driving yet!"

My husband was out of town on business and he didn't want to leave me alone for dinner!! SO SWEET!

And that little part about driving, well, my other son basically disappeared from our lives once he started driving, so I guess he is anticipating that happening next summer. I may have to change some expectations there!!!


Summer said...

I hope my boy still wants to look out for me at that age. So sweet.

Lori said...

Very sweet, Dawson!

OK Chick said...

You have a great son. Man, if I was just about 15 years younger.